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Say Cheese! Two new cheeses in store

Regular What’s Cooking customers know how much we love our cheeses, and after much research and tastings (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it), we’re delighted to add two more delicious, artisan-produced cheeses to our already extensive range.

Old Winchester

Made in the New Forest, Old Winchester is a Gouda-style cheese that’s aged for 18 months to produce a cheese which is salty, nutty, crystalline and full of flavour. Made with vegetarian rennet, it’s a great grater, and makes a wonderful alternative to Parmesan.


Made by Joe Schneider using organic, unpasteurised milk from Collingthwaite Farm on the Welbeck Estate, Stichelton is one of very few unpasteurised English blue cheeses. Hand-ladled and made to a traditional Stilton recipe, Stichelton is creamy and nutty, with a rich yet gentle blue note.

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