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Salmon fishing on the internet: We indulge in a spot of poaching for a customer!

You know how fishermen have a tendency to exaggerate when talking about the size of their catch? We came across a new twist on this well-worn story when one of our customers told us he’d got more than he bargained for when he bought a salmon on the internet. As soon as he came into the shop with it tucked under his arm, we saw it wasn’t a case of idle boasting.

Not surprisingly, he was very pleased to have landed a far bigger fish than he'd anticipated, but the problem was that there was no way it would fit into his fish kettle – and he needed it poached and ready to drive to a family lunchtime party in Devon that very day! He wasn’t really in a position to throw it back into the river, so we stepped in to help out with our own large fish kettle which proved more than a match for the giant salmon. In no time at all, we were waving goodbye to our intrepid online fisherman as he headed off to the West Country to enjoy his perfectly poached fish with the rest of his family. Customer service? We wrote the book!

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